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Start your own fundraising campaign! Ask your friends and family to join!!

​Why not make your special events (birthday, wedding, Christmas, Hanukkah…) even more special by asking for donations to give to your fundraiser, and support a good cause?  You won't just be making your day special but a lot of people in needs day too!!

​You have free time during the holiday months? GREAT! Why not help us by volunteering in one of the projects we are supporting?

​If you have a company, give a small percentage of your product sales to support a great cause!

​If you're sporty or have just been putting off running that marathon, why not raise funds to support our projects.

 Helping people in need is an amazing way to spend your time; wouldn't you want to teach your children such values? Get them started young by doing something as simple as donating their unused books, clothing or solar panels, cars, medical instruments and/or products, etc.




Support Association Nkom with a one-time/multiple donations. Volunteer work as well as initiatives of all kinds.



In-kind donations allow Association Nkom to direct more resources towards selected projects in rural development in Cameroon. We welcome pro-bono services like video/photography, medical, engineering, accounting, marketing and more.

​Extend your reach and help our team get to the field by donating your un-used miles today. Volunteer your time and visit us in the field to help with our M&E and reporting.

​If there are any other services you believe you will be able to provide feel free to email us.